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I am an ambitious and quality oriented software developer with main interests in game development, Unity, game/software architecture and .NET. I was introduced to computers from a very young age, where games espeally intrigued me. At age 13 I started learning how to write scripts and do basic programming and worked my knowlegde up from there throughout the teen years, until I could join the university and study computer science. Here I started to dive deeper into game development and game systems using unity. I have made multiple projects, both for gamejams and research projects, which can be seen in my portfolio, where I often aim to expand my knowlegde and push it to its limit. When it comes to development of games- and software systems, I make sure that what I do is thoughtout and made with quality, modularity and usability in mind.


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With over 10 years of coding experience with everything from Assembly to C# as well as multiple frameworks, I'm very well equipped to bring any digital solution to life.


Games and gamification have been a huge part of my life, which is the main reason I got into game development and design. Although people are skeptical about gaming it is proven to increase productivity.


By being more than just an engine, Unity have since 2013 been my go to for games and lately also VR/AR/MR. Its ever expanding feature set and support makes it a safe choice for most graphical dependant applications.


A website can be more than just a pretty face. Get a functional and responsive website customized to your specific needs with the possibility for everything from blogs to microservices and APIs.


With the mobile technology being a huge part of our everyday life we consume more content than ever before on our phones. This makes it important to also have content available to people on the go.


Code is more than just features, it can be an art! Modern solutions often need to be scalable, flexible and easily maintainable which increase the importance for clean and modular code.


Projects I've made or been part of

Social Gaming in Virtual Reality using 360 Degree Immersion

My Proffesion Bachelor project in soft development, I got a huge 12 (equavelent to an A) and are generally proud of what I've accomplished in such short time. A youtube video slightly taking a look at the project can be seen HERE and my rapport on this project is availble HERE and lastly the presentation kan be seen HERE.

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Extended UI Elements

An Unity package which add some extra components which is not included as default but I've have had needed multiple times. The package is made and shared at unity store so others with the need of more elements and functionality can freely download and use these.

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Ludum Dare 36 (The Tomb)

With the theme "Ancient Technology" we made a randomized horror game where, with an ancient artifact orb, which seems to be imbued with some sort of essence of the wielder, and the power to reveal the secrets of the ancient tomb, you set out on an adventure of tomb plundering.

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Infinite Worlds using Procedural Content Generation

My final project on the computer science education. The paper can found HERE, Presentation: HERE Video: HERE A follow up project(a minecraft clone) were also developed in 2 weeks after hand in and shown at the exam and can be seen: HERE

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Ludum Dare 29 (Fish Photographer)

First real game jam game I've made, and the first jam I've participated in, with the theme "below the surface". It went much better than expected with some azazing scores for what was my first entry. I am planning on someday continueing developing on this and make a complete game out of it. (Currently not playable!)

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This is just some of my work, much more is availble on the project page.

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Passions and Interests

Streamer by Night

One of my huge passions is streaming. I love being able to engage with my friends and community and bring them together this way. I try to stream regualy on twitch, and my content vary from programing and game development to gaming and game play footage, where I try to look at game design and how systems may have been made.

DISCLAIMER: While my stream sometimes does feature me making serious content, I also sometimes, doing to weekend or holidays, like to have a drink while playing with friends. It is important to me that everyone understand that streaming is a sparetime thing and the person in front of the camera does not always reflect how I am in a proffesionel environment.

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My Blog About Everything

Sometimes I just like to write about stuff or get something of my mind. Writing a blog post is usually a nice way for me to do this and start a debate and let people comment and state thier mind too. I wanna stress that ANYTHING I write in my blog is my thought, and my thoughts only, these thoughts does NOT reflect other's thoughts.

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